New Warzone Map – Rebirth Island

Launch date of Season 1 moved to December, 16 but Call of Duty already announced new content including new Warzone map Rebirth Island. What can we except?

Successful Verdansk Map

Verdansk is amazingly huge map with a lot of various locations to land and fight with different tactics. Rural or urban places offer variability for every team, mask easter eggs and some of them hide more some less interesting loots to look for.

While Verdansk came with the first launch of Call of Duty Warzone battle royale experience, it is time to bring completely new Warzone map.

New Alcatraz-like Island

Well, the “new” is not the best expression, while Rebirth Island is well known for any Call of Duty player. Many have pointed out that it is actually Alcatraz from Blackout.

Verdansk remains the primary map for battle royale we can only speculate how Rebirth Island will be integrated. It is much smaller area in comparison with 5 sectors divided into multiple zones containing couple of locations in Verdansk plan.

Will it be separated game mode? How many players can land on island? Will Warzone kill races take place also in Rebirth island?

Many questions, the answers come with already first week of launch, which is scheduled to December, 16.

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